Kristofer Lindahl

Senior Manager

Kristofer has a broad international background and extensive experience from both the private and public sector. He has previously participated in projects in various industries, including telecom, gambling, and real estate. Kristofer has also worked for an investment-company where he performed extensive market research for potential investment objects and participated in due diligence processes.

Previously, Kristofer has participated in projects primarily concerned with strategy, financial analysis, and change management. He has managed several projects in both the private and public sector, including establishing a project management office for a large private company, as well as in-depth analysis of a public company’s CSR-operation.

At Northstream, Kristofer has participated in various projects that have been both technical and commercial in nature. Recently he has assisted a large vendor of software and IT services in evaluating the savings potential of their upcoming products. He has also conducted interviews with technical experts to evaluate the telecom industry’s expectations on SDN and NFV. Moreover, Kristofer has surveyed various regulatory bodies to document differences, similarities, and trends between telecom regulations in different countries.

Kristofer holds a Masters in Business and Economics from Stockholm School of Economics with a specialization in Management.

Insights by Kristofer

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Startups and their innovations keeps the world turning

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