Fiona Sheils


Fiona is an analyst at Northstream with broad international experience and a strong academic background in entrepreneurial activities and biomedical engineering. Passionate about technology and the field of business innovation, she has studied how opportunities for renewal and innovation are identified, developed and implemented within established organizations.

Fiona holds a Master’s in Corporate Entrepreneurship and Innovation from Lund University and a Bachelor’s of Engineering from Trinity College Dublin specialized in Biomedical Engineering.

Insights by Fiona

Operators: green lights for the connected car

As it stands today, six car brands (namely Ford, GM, Peugeot Citroën, BMW, Renault Nissan and Volkswagen) make up 70% of the connected car market (Analysis Mason). They’ve struck connectivity deals with leading operators to make sure their cars stay connected on the road. AT&T has taken the lion’s share of car contracts in the […]
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